Semiconductor Fused Quartz Tubing


Combining very high purity with outstanding high temperature properties, Momentive’s fused quartz tubing is an excellent candidate to consider for use in furnaces for processing silicon wafers. Semiconductor fused quartz tubing is developed to tolerate the various thermal gradients and high temperature extremes of the semiconductor manufacturing process. High purity and tight dimensional control of fused quartz tubing, combined with Momentive’s precise process control, may provide semiconductor manufacturers with high yields in their own processes.

More About Semiconductor Quartz Tubing

Semiconductor quartz tubing is available from Momentive in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses. The low -OH (hydroxyl) content allows Momentive’s semiconductor quartz tubing to withstand the wide thermal gradients and chemical environments common in semiconductor manufacturing.

The following grades are available for semiconductor tubing:

214, 214SC and 214LD

  • Small and direct-drawn or resized large diameter industry standard 214 tubing
  • Superior performance at elevated temperatures

224 and 224LD

  • Low alkali quartz tubing for applications with higher purity requirements

244 and 244LD

  • Low alkali/low aluminum quartz tubing

Potential applications:

  • Semiconductor wafer processing
  • Solar wafer processing

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