Semiconductor Fused Quartz Rods

Primarily utilized as “boats,” or wafer carriers, in the manufacturing process of semiconductors, Momentive semiconductor fused quartz rods are designed to carry the wafers as they undergo high-temperature processing. Offering exceptionally pure quartz materials, Momentive semiconductor quartz rods are well-known for their performance when high-quality, blemish-free, low-expansion properties are critical.

More About Semiconductor Quartz Rods

Momentive semiconductor quartz rods can provide a dimensional consistency among a broad range of diameters and may also offer low alkali/low aluminum characteristics.

The following grades are available from Momentive for semiconductor quartz rod:


  • High-purity quartz rod with diameter range of 1 mm to >45 mm
  • Superior performance at elevated temperatures


  • Low alkali/low aluminum quartz rod

Potential applications for Momentive semiconductor quartz rods include:

  • Wafer carriers

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