Fused Quartz Fabrication of a Half Shell Boat for the Semiconductor Industry

Quartz Scientific was commissioned by a customer in the semi-conductor industry to do fused quartz fabrication, the half shell boat shown here. It was designed for material processing in a high temperature furnace. Composed of high purity clear fused quartz, we utilized our glass blowing lathe, hand torches, as well as other specialized cutting equipment to cut and shape the material to the specified form, holding tight tolerances of +/- 1mm during production. The finished product was properly cleaned, annealed to relieve internal stresses, and glazed. This unit is also suitable for use in materials processing laboratories.

Finished dimensions of this half boat were 1450mm long, with an inside diameter of 80mm, and outside diameter measuring 85mm. Dimensional and visual inspections were carried out throughout construction to ensure accuracy and product integrity. Typical turnaround time for this and similar custom fabrications is 2 – 4 weeks. This product is usually purchased in large volumes, and we provide worldwide shipping. Quartz Scientific is a leading manufacturer of fused quartz products, producing customer specified products at cost effective rates. We are committed to excellence maintaining memberships with organizations including Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute and American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS) to support ongoing development of standards in quartz manufacturing. For more details about this half shell boat project, or our other capabilities and quartz products, please see the table below or contact usdirectly

Highlights of this Quartz Fabrication Project

Product DescriptionQuartz Half Shell Boat for High Temperature Material Processing
Quartz Fabrication
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Quartz Fabrication
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartGlass Blowing LatheHand TorchesSpecialized Cutting Equipment
Overall Part DimensionsInside Diameter: Ø 80mm
Outside Diameter: Ø 85mm
Length: 1450mm
Tightest Tolerances+/- 1mm
Material UsedClear Fused Quartz
In process testing/inspection performedDimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
Industry for UseSemiconductor Components
Material Processing Laboratory
Delivery/Turnaround Time2-4 weeks
Delivery LocationWorldwide
Standards MetCustomer Specifications
Product NameHalf Shell Boat