Tall Form Quartz Crucibles (No Cover)

Quartz crucibles are fabricated in our facility from high purity semiconductor grade quartz tubing. Often used for sample ashing, they are stable at temperatures up to 1300 C and resist rapid temperature changes. These Tall Form Crucibles are open top (no cover).

Item #Product NameCapacityDiameter at Top (D)Diameter at Base (d)Height (H)
319T020Tall Form Crucible 20mL 20mL 39mm 20mm 46mm
319T030Tall Form Crucible 30mL 30mL 43mm 22mm 57mm
319T050Tall Form Crucible 50mL 50mL 46mm 22mm 62mm
319T015Tall Form Crucible 15mL 15mL 34mm 18mm 42mm