Quartz Scientific, Inc. (QSI), founded in 1963, is a leading manufacturer and international supplier of high-quality, fused quartz products. Housed in a 44,000 square foot facility are skilled artisans whose quartz working skills and expertise complement QSI’s wide variety of specialized equipment. QSI’s products range from simple evaporating dishes and watch glasses to large, complex laboratory apparatus. QSI also manufacturers specialized extremely high-purity fused quartz products for crystal growing and wafer process handling for the semiconductor industry.

QSI fused quartz purity levels (99.998% SiO2) are attained by careful screening of raw material, meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control throughout the various manufacturing stages.

QSI also stocks and supplies quartz in the form of tubing, rods, ingots, discs, plates and cylinders. From thin-wall boiling and distilling flasks to heavy-wall diffusion tube used to process semiconductor wafers at furnace temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees C, QSI offers custom fabrication of fused quartz to customer specification and configuration, and repairs fused quartz products when feasible.

Available in opaque, transparent and transparalucent forms, QSI fused quartz products meet or exceed all industry standards for physical, thermal, chemical, mechanical and electric properties.

QSI Quartz Scientific, Inc.’s¬†manufacturing facility is located in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, about 35 miles east of Cleveland. At this same location for over 39 years and in the fused quartz fabrication business for 50 years in 2013, Quartz Scientific stands ready to meet your needs.